Company team includes a group of certified specialists in providing surveys and personal tests that aim to set personality benchmarks in accordance with international standards regarding leadership levels, performance, and measurement of entrepreneurial personality.
Moreover, we offer guidance and measurement sessions for clients’ management and staff to create harmony and selection of cohesive team system for performance and completion of work. Our company is the first in the Arab region in providing guidance sessions based on performance standards, entrepreneurship, and creation of small business, with international accreditation for the practice of these services.

These standards include:

– The ten qualities required in entrepreneurship and building a small business, and its measurement in the personality of the entrepreneur.
– The diversity of teams and their homogeneity to perform a specific task.
– Analyze the strengths of personality and develop them in business and personal performance.
– The personal effect on the administrative style to develop it and manage weaknesses.
– Measure the functional relevance of work sites and the possibility of developing them.
– Improve job performance to meet businesses challenges
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