Blueprint Scenes:

The blueprint product is designed in the form of direct individual sessions with the business owner or partners. Meetings with the client take place over 28 hours divided over 14 sessions, during which a scientific and practical sequence is followed for all the client’s vital functions of the business starting with beliefs and personal convictions and extending all the way to the strategic analysis of the business. Such sessions are to produce the following functions and outputs:
– Develop the value proposition for the business.
– Forecast the outlook of the business through internal and external analysis to define the strategic points of change.
– Create a strategic plan.
– Create a structure and team building mechanism.
– Analyzing company position.
– Building and defining the first product.
– Analysis of marketing classification and project launch mechanism.
– Identify marketing channels.
– Develop performance measurement indicators to commence execution of the project.
The blueprint is considered the guarantee of success for the business; where we practice several roles including counseling and training. Guidance might be required in some stages, and mentoring ensures coming out with a business mentality that can judge the concept of the business and its competitive stage, and rationing of the technical skills needed for success. The blueprint system we created allowed many of our small and family businesses clients to control their business journey and manage them efficiently, as well as to understand the business methods and to join the profits club.
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