Roadmap Consultant

Roadmap Consultant is an annual consultation program offered in a customized method designed according to customer’s requirements. This program is keen on customer development and progress in their business plan and contributes to the efficient execution of their businesses. It also supports the development of the customers’ business character through the daily events of the business.


Program Impact:

Some unique clients carry special concepts of excellence in their projects, and need special follow-up towards their goals and aspirations to ensure the success of their projects and that they meet the contents of their plan on a daily basis. Thus, we designed our special attention to live up to their priorities. Due to the exclusivity of their businesses and the execution mechanism, we grant them long-term attention to secure their achievements and overcome obstacles and mistakes and promote the work of their daily issues, leading to success and realizing the desired profitability. This type of products creates a special relationship with achievement and develops thinking methods in a live and realistic manner, and creates the merchant’s mentality in a record time that other tools cannot achieve.


Program Concepts:

According to client needs, the program set monthly hours to meet the client and discuss business plans and goals and tasks; based on that a training and guidance curriculum is devised with daily open channels of communication to enable the client to face difficulties and challenges and pursue his goals and elevate his project management skills through our direct augmentation of business conduct and skills. Session concepts are formed according to client needs and the desired stage of accomplishments, profits, and expansions the customer desires to achieve and reach. The program extends from 6 months up to several years according to client needs.
The program is intended for anyone who wants to ensure achievement and reach the mentality of executives and profitability. We continue to receive some customers who have been with us in this service for many years; through which we provided guidance and mentoring and celebrated many milestones that we planned and followed together and achieved later on. We have also accomplished several agreed-upon profits procedures and even exceeded the expected profits in many projects. Furthermore, often sons of business families join us to achieve success in their business and continue their distinction in the field of business.
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