Our team continuously searches for distinct places that combine public culture and productive lifestyle that promote trade and business features.
Bonsai team has facilitated several trips to Japan and Italy, through which it aims to enlighten the participants and study the unique methods of nations to promote business. Many entrepreneurs from the Gulf region participated in our trips with aspirations to study the patterns affecting businesses, hence we chose the Japanese machine-like accuracy and the Italian taste.
The philosophy of the trip to Japan is based on induction of the Japanese identity and to inspire the future personal identity of the participant through living and experiencing the spiritual, social, educational, cultural, technological, and commercial structure of the Japanese civilization. Each participant shall follow the direct mentoring system via the trip counselor who will direct the participant’s mind to the way to induction the issues and adopt the influencing aspects of the Japanese character.
Bonsai sought to be distinguished and a pioneer and take the lead in its development journeys by following the guidance and living system with a country characterized by self-development and entrepreneurial needs. Therefore, Italy was chosen, the number one in the world in inspiring passions and love of the moment; and we chose Japan as the number one country in preserving identity and accomplishments.
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