Our Goals:

–  Provide organizational consultation and training programs for entrepreneurs to contribute in the success of businesses and organizations.
–  Create unique development products supporting positive change in entrepreneurship and introduce them in the market
–  Create distinctive solutions for technical and administrative staff in small and medium projects.
–  Develop our professional tools such as curriculum and systems to ensure our leadership in the Middle East.

Our Products:

Bonsai utilized several innovative methods and approaches to build various consulting, training, and offering professional products based on our existence in the consultation and training markets for over 24 years, both in the Arab World and in global markets. In addition to our experienced team who have been qualified through many specialized international institutions in the field of leadership and entrepreneurship. This enables us to achieve diversity, uniqueness, and excellence among our clients’ segments over the years. Therefore, we are able to present many customized products to entrepreneurs, owners of small and middle projects, family businesses, and leaders in several government and private organizations, via the following:
–  Specialized consultation and guidance products.
–  Qualification training programs.
–  Surveys and personal tests.
–  Commercial evaluation of small and family businesses and projects.
–  Preparation of specialized commercial studies.
–  International guidance and training trips for entrepreneurs and leaders.
–  The establishment of entrepreneurs clubs and societies.
–  Public programs and activities and educational campaigns.
In Bonsai, we believe that the consultation market have neglected many contributions of several contents and needs. Therefore, we have been keen to form our consulting operations based on the needs of consulting services and unique products that have an edge in the market after noticing the variety in our region and the speed of changes in the markets’ outputs. Hence, we provide our consultation products according to the nature of organizations and entrepreneurs and their current needs, based on competitiveness, market fluctuations, and the speed of mergers and innovation that leads advanced economies.