The Team in Bonsai have a great experience in customizing professional training programs for government and private sector, with a record of customized training programs for most of the banks, telecommunications, Hospitals, Oil and Public ministries in the GCC region. However, we used at this stage to tailor-made specific solutions that fit a particular case in such organization with taking into consideration their internal system, culture, and direction. This service was a great advantage for most of our client who needs a specific remedy for their unique needs and looking for a professional body to fulfill their requirements. Furthermore, some international firms’ leaders, family businesses owners, and well-educated individuals hired us to enhance their skills and capabilities by designing special leadership and management training programs and coaching session to allocate the right solution for their plans and strategy. However, we usually start our process by diagnosis in order to present the right scenario for each situation and then we move on with a complete customized training process that fits our customer’s outcome. The talent we have in the last 25 years in the field of training and consultancy allows us always to come with a comprehensive and attractive solutions that represent our expertise, creative mindset and professional backgrounds.
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