Passing the Marketing Maze

An integrated program explaining the marketing principles of small businesses and the mechanism of marketing activities from classification to behavior and implementation in marketing channels.

Impact of Marketing:

Marketing is deemed the most interactive activity in forming the project’s identity since it is the platform that forecasts customers’ needs and exchange interests with them. Marketing is the activity that determines the interaction of the project plan and constitutes its structure and content necessary for the success of its operations. It is the main supporter of management and owners in knowing the customers’ coming trends to measure the level of the next update and development and products. It is the activity concerned with connecting with profitability and increase of income. It is the activity that enhances the company position and the medium that guides customer choices. We designed this integrated marketing program due to its vital role in the success of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Program Concepts:

Our program offers training days utilizing many methods such as presentations and special workshops, in addition to visual materials and documentary films that support ideas, as well as training games that assist in delivering information in a fun way, all of which lead to the following marketing contents:
–  The most recent definition of marketing.
–  Identify the interactive marketing mix.
–  Marketing planning.
–  Management of marketing classification process.
–  Content of marketing message.
–  Marketing presentation and submission mechanism.
–  Marketing channels stimulating sales.
–  Marketing networks and its effect on small businesses.
–  Marketing road map of the business.
The program is intended for any entrepreneur and business owner who wants to know the marketing principles and contents. Many of our clients were trained on small business marketing after observing marketing operations in the small business market. It should be mentioned that many entrepreneurs implement strategies that does not represent the market type or the needs and desires of their own customers. Passing the marketing maze program is considered an integrated marketing solution tested by several of our clients who were able to avoid ineffective tools and save money using direct marketing strategies that show the value of the business and reach their customers effectively.
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