The Certified Advisor Program in Activation of Personality and Performance

A program to develop performance motivated personality in business affecting the success of the project. Stanford University studies indicate that 75 of the reasons of small businesses success are based on personality and its effectiveness.
In this program we discuss five phases to move into the realm of sense, perception, and interact effectively with the surroundings; a program based on reality and built on 20 years of actual experience in the human development field, especially after realizing that Arab mentality differs in its nature and needs new perceptions in understanding its reality far from literal translations and the various solutions offered which does not fit us.

Program Objectives:

–  To develop internal thinking skills motivating decision awareness.
–  Create new visions and trends based on change of internal language and the way to forecast the future.
–  Change the internal mental image to one we desire.
–  Release personal potentials and focus energy on what we want.
–  Guide behavior to form and affect your reality.
–  The correct answer to whether you are alive or living?

Many leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals were trained in this program to elevate their personality potential and self-awareness towards their business and daily issues. In this program we provide an after training development program to implement the program and ensure change in the future.

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