During its life, the company has organized many public programs and campaigns within its social responsibility activities towards leadership, development, and entrepreneur’s environment; through which many contributions were made to universities, youth groups, and small projects owners of various age groups. Bonsai also provided several interactive programs in cooperation with various governments and chambers of commerce across the Arab World. As well as specialized awareness campaigns aiming to raise awareness of entrepreneurship and methods of small business management. This includes the campaign known as “Opening Sesame”, which spoke metaphorically about opening the cavern and the treasures of entrepreneurship as heritage described the fortunes and winning wealth thru depiction of the luck of the person who discovers the cavern of famous Ali Baba and the treasures he would attain. The imagery has always been that those who reach this cave would change their reality and aspirations and find glory and wealth to achieve all their dreams. Today we are in an open world where its individual economies start with a successful idea and a world exclusive to adults through the opportunities of the new knowledge economy. In our campaign we chose to display winning and wealth as the opportunity of pioneering and financial freedom that we see today by linking them to the tale of reaching Ali Baba treasures and his wealthy cave, crossing the gates and introducing the discovery plan and announcing the coordinates of the treasures of entrepreneurship.
The idea of the 3 months campaign came in 3 major stages, each stage is one month long. Every stage should be inspirational and meets the conditions of mental programming, and laid over one month, provided the stages are effective through the transmission of audio and visual messages, and forums, and built on the footsteps of the following stages:
1-   Definition:
At this stage we discuss with the campaign receiver his importance and his dreams and previous success stories in the worlds of entrepreneurs. How the pioneers won over their internal thoughts in creating their own future and overcame obstacles? The objective in this stage is to promote hope and instill entrepreneurial values.
2-   Establishment
In this stage, we discuss the entrepreneur’s world, its categories and potentials, as well as the youth’s commercial ideas and their intellectual thoughts and attempt to revise it for them. In this stage impressions are formed about the chances of success and the mechanism of providing efforts in the business world, in addition to assessing tendencies and interests.
3-   Commencement
At this stage we seek to guide and mentor the basics of successful projects and its management and development mechanism. We will also discuss the rules related to entrepreneurship and the motivational life style in the business world.
During this campaign our methods varied, and was introduced in an innovative and scientific manner in the following points:
–  Design visual pictures for the campaign.
–  Issue special printed materials.
–  Produce innovative and promotional advertisements for the campaign
–  Production of awareness films to be added to the Arab library on the Internet.
–  Launch of special visual messages in social media.
–  Launch the popular Treasure game, promoting entrepreneurship.
–  Organize special field trips to visit small businesses and learn from their methodology.
–  Conduct group mentoring sessions either for starting a business or for methods of management of small businesses.
–  TV and radio appearance to spread messages and values of the campaign.
–  Introduce special creative nights and evenings to discuss successful cases and stories of small businesses.
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