Seventh: The establishment of entrepreneurs clubs and societies

In 2012, Bonsai established the first entrepreneurs and small business owners club in the region. Within years it held over 30 meetings, calling in its activities the positive world of entrepreneurs and the true stories of businesses that reached the stability phases. It also aimed to raise awareness of the information and skills needed to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship and business.
After these expansions it was essential that we expand the idea to introduce a new concept and unique services to satisfy the public requirements and make this club “Upgrade” a novel idea based on our experience with local entrepreneurs and markets.
Based on its unique experience in small and medium businesses, and its experience in consultation and training in entrepreneurship in both the public and private sectors, Bonsai Management Consultants established (as in the original Arabic text) this volunteer club managed by Kuwaiti entrepreneur volunteers. We support this non-profit club through our social responsibility, which raises awareness and builds positive entrepreneurs spirit.
Upgrade is a non-profit club keen on building and developing merchants and small businesses practitioners’ skills. The club’s philosophy is based on creation of development incubator for businesspersons based on the creative development of the business mentality and the creation of business patterns, and highlights the distinctive look and the dependable behavior of success.

Club Objectives:

–  Creation of development incubator for small and medium business owners seeking to develop its members in the management and business development.
–  Creation of non-profit development activities promoting the development culture of participants.
–  Organize annual programs in project and business management.
–  Involve all segments in a positive environment for the improvement of the entrepreneur’s quality of life of and his expectations of success.
–  Create positive alternatives that contributes to the development of projects and companies and plant positivity in the entrepreneurial lifestyle.
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