Raining Sales

An integrated program that helps in developing and mastering selling skills that every person needs to increase his business, ensure his trade, and increase profitability.

The need for sales

Selling is the lifeblood of any business. The results of sales indicate organizations level of vigilance, and a measurement of the level of suitability of its products to the markets. Selling is the profession that the wealthy agreed to as a wealth making and contributor to growing lists of the riches. You even find some investors still holding on to this career even after their organization prospered and achieved financial security. At Bonsai, we aspire to develop markets movement by building this skill for some, and develop it to those who failed to realize lavish sales. Due to our commitment to such role, we developed this practical program that teaches the rituals of selling process and its various secrets, from planning and style of thinking to celebrating the closing of a selling transaction. This program saves plenty of capital consumed in marketing and efforts spent in advertising the company, and save many efforts through preserving of project sales quotas.

Program Content:

Our program offers training days utilizing many methods such as presentations and special workshops, in addition to visual materials and documentary films that support ideas, as well as training games that assist in delivering information in a fun way, all of which lead to the following sales contents:
–  The most recent definition of sales.
–  Management of sales process to minimize advertisement cost.
–  The mechanism of establishing new relations tree and utilize it in our goals.
–  Identify the initial building and comprehensive international procedure in sales before targeting the customer.
–  Smart methods of uniqueness and sales recommendation to reach target customers.
–  Major and secondary time management for sales and seller and discussion of implementation failure cases.
–  Training on the latest methods in managing and resolve objections to the sale transaction.
–  The mind equation of the professional salesman that led many to wealth.
–  Life cycle of the sales process and when does it start to fade.
–  The art of warm selling skills and influence philosophy.
–  The art of closing sales transactions and how to achieve desired results.
The program is intended for any entrepreneur and business owner who wants to become proficient in sales. It is also aimed at salesmen, sales managers in private sectors. Many of our clients were trained to reach the desired sales targets in a short period without over marketing and depleting capital in marketing and advertising campaigns. It is the machine that increases the raining of sales making the harvesters gain the best results and profits.
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