Certified Small Business Manager

This is an interactive training program to qualify the project owner step by step to think about the idea (concept) of his startup, and equip him with all necessary administrative tools to operate the projects. Bonsai has trained more than 12 classes of entrepreneurs in the GCC area on this program, especially those financed by Kuwait Small Projects Development Company, a subsidiary of Kuwait Investment Authority, in addition to Commercial Chambers in three countries in the gulf. The program was described as the most applicable and efficient in making a qualitative leap for entrepreneurs.

The program aims to:

–  Discover the sequence of steps from the start and its impact on building the project.
–  Knowledge of the eight phases to build a small project and the mechanism of the sequence of operations and their impact on the decision.
–  The first program of its kind in the Arabic World that balances and integrates between psychological needs of the project owner and the scientific and practical commercial mechanism.
–  Prepare entrepreneurs and businessmen to successfully manage their small projects.
–  Create an integral picture of the type of administrative skills needed for the project owner.
–  Instill a set of business and administrative skills among entrepreneurs.
–  Identify personal patterns at work and how to guide them.
–  Implement exceptional business ideas in an elaborate plan of action.
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